Regional Workforce Jobs

The quarterly update of the workforce jobs datasets took place at 09:30 on 18 March 2015 with the release of new estimates for December 2014. Figures are available at region and country level only.

The datasets updated in this release are:

  • workforce jobs by industry (SIC 2007) - seasonally adjusted    [link to data]
  • workforce jobs by industry (SIC 2007) and sex - unadjusted    [link to data]


This series provides estimates of total workforce jobs, employee jobs, self-employment jobs, government supported trainees, and HM forces. Figures are available at national and regional level only (no local authority data).

Sampling errors. Sampling errors, which give an indication of the actual accuracy of the estimates, are available in an article Estimates of sampling variability for Workforce Jobs. From 17th April 2013 they are also included as table JOBS07 of the Labour Market Statistics bulletin published on the ONS website.